chikungChi Kung is an ancient art used in martial art and for health. Chi Kung means ‘cultivation of energy’, ‘cultivation of life vitality’ – discipline, which offers a complete palette of body-mind exercises, based on grounding, balance and internal support. Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung, known as an ‘ancient art of recharging your batteries’ introduces practitioners to the standing postures, which are at the core of the training. We practice also sitting and lying down Chi Kung, giving the possibility to train any time of the day.

  • Genuine and simple way to regain your vitality and strength !!!
  • Suitable for people of all ages!!!
  • No previous experience is required!!!


chikung1Standing Training

Standing training is designed to strengthen the internal body’s structure and flexibility. In the standing postures we explore the various movements and dynamics of stillness. By reducing external movement and action, deeper structural muscles and tendons are nurtured and activated, whilst generated energy can be stored in the body.

The training consists of:

Warming Up / Loosing Up Exercises
Ba Duan Jin – serie of eight internal streaches
Standing Postures
Internal / External Movement
Step Training
Partnering Training
Self massage
Cooling Down Exercises

The training is easily aplied in various daily activities.


Sitting Training

Sitting practice is “the middle way” – between standing training and lying down. Here we combine deeper relaxation with active training.

Exercises are time-tested and are especially recommended for people who are in the process of recovery or who wants,or needs to strengthen their stress-resilience. However, this practice can be beneficial for everyone and gives us the opportunity to gather, refresh and restore our bodies on regular base.



chikung3_Lying Down

Lying down postures nourish lazy aspects of our bodies. Within the allotted time you can experience relaxation with more depth and efficiency. This practice includes activity of the limbs in conjunction with profoundly passive restoration. Practicing 15min a day is enough to encourage deep and natural breathing and furthermore, give you support throughout your hours of wakefulness and sleep.



omslagIf you want to read more about Chi Kung
or Chi Kung classes/workshops in Amsterdam,
visit Standing Dynamics or read
“The Dynamics of Standing Still”
by Peter den Dekker

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