Izabela Chi kungIzabela Pacewicz – Wysocka (1982, Poland) is Chi Kung teacher authorized by Peter den Dekker in the linage of Master Lam Kam Chuen. For over a decade dedicating her interest to the body-mind research and posture development in the field of health, self-support and growth. Since 2008 she is consequently following the Art of Standing Still and since 2011 offers regular Chi Kung classes in Amsterdam.

I have been strongly connected to martial art and dance since I was a child. While exploring different disciplines of movement research I realized, that only a few of them are right to the core.

My deep interest and fascination of Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung are drawn by its simplicity and effectiveness – two factors of powerful physical and mental transformation.

iza fire


Grand-master Wang Xiang-Zhai

Izabela is a dancer/performer actively translating the language of stillness in the field of group composition and creation. She practiced under the guidance of Pauline de Groot (Slowly-slowy), Kristie Simson (CI), Andrew Harwood (CI), Katarina Bakatsaki and Frank van de Ven (Body Weather), Marisa Grande (Instant Composition), Julyen Hamilton (Evolving technique and Making dances) and Katie Duck.

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